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Nearly 90% of Internet traffic originates from the major search engines and directories daily. Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Ranking of your site is essential for the success of any online venture.

Search Engine Promotion has shown to deliver the highest ROI (return on investment) as compared to any other type of marketing, both online and offline. Relevant traffic sent by search engines can result in increased sales conversions. YOUR SEO offers an affordable entry point for marketing your web site and an effective way to promote your business online.

The top search engines like Google index over 3 Billion documents. Competition for the top spots is extremely difficult and fierce. If your Web site does not have a top position (Not optimized for your keywords )in the search engines, you are losing customers…worse, your competitors are winning them.

We offer-Link Popularity Services
Having another site linked to yours is almost vital when it comes to getting your site indexed. Some search engines wont even consider your site if there is not at least one outside link pointing to it. If you have to, have someone that owns an indexed site place a hidden link to your site. Having a link point to your site also helps in getting spider traffic. If the site that has a link to yours is already indexed, you will also receive a visit from the spiders that visit their site. This is a really fast way to get indexed.Our link popularity program has the following steps.

* Searching for quality and industry relevant link exchange request.
* Sending link exchange requests and updating link pages.
* Managing Incoming Link exchange requests.
* Development of dynamic but search engine friendly links directory for incoming requests.
* Your one way link into our hundreds of partner's sites.

Link popularity of a website, simply put is the number of external links pointing to the website. These links are from pages not residing on the parent domain.
Search engines use the number of quality incoming links as a measure of that websites importance. Thus the more the number of quality incoming links the more is the chance of domain they point to ranking higher.
However, more recently search engines have been able to come up with sophisticated formulas that go beyond numbers. Most search engines today use the following criteria to decide the link popularity of a site :

  • The number of incoming links or the number of other sites pointing to your site.
  • The relevancy of these links. Search engines like Google have started checking the relevancy of incoming links. It is imperative for the incoming links to be related to your site in some way inorder to leverage the advantage of these links.
  • The link text used for the link - the use of keywords in the description of a links is beneficial.

Link Popularity can be carried out using automated software. However this may result in random and non-relevant sites being contacted for reciprocal links. An automated e-mail sent, does not have the same percentage of response as a customized email. Furthermore using software for link popularity does not allow the webmaster to know the quality of the site he is contacting and the page rank of that website.

We believe in human powered link exchange campaigns. This means that initially potential link partners are identified by research done through search engines by our expert link manager. This ensures that the quality of the links is satisfactory with regards to relevance, search engine presence and other vital factors. The second stage is contacting the webmaster to request the link exchange. The next stage involves checking and indexing the reciprocal links and sending an acknowledgement to the people who agree to reciprocate links.

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