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Hardware & Networking Solutions India

Following is the price detail regarding the Non Comprehensive Annual Maintenance:

Hardware and Networking Services:

System Details Non Comprehensive Comprehensive  
 486 Machine Rs.1000 Rs.3000
 INTEL PENTIUM 1 Rs.1250 Rs.3500
 INTEL PENTIUM III Rs.2000 Rs.7500
 INTEL PENTIUM IV Rs.2500 Rs.8500
 80 Col. Dot Matrix Printer Rs.500 Rs.2500
 132 Col Dot Matrix Printer Rs.750 Rs.5000
 610c/670c/Same Category Inkjet Color Printer Rs.750 Rs.2000
 810c/870c/Same Category Inkjet Color Printer Rs.1000 Rs.4000
 Laser Printer Upto 6l Gold or equal Rs.1500 Rs.7000
 UPS (500/625 VA) Rs.350 Rs.1250

Quantity Discount:

1. 0-5 : No Discount
2. 6-10 : 10%
3. 11-20 : 20%
4. 21-40 : 30%
5. 41-100 : 40% (Resident Engineer would be provided)
6. 101-500 : 50% (Resident Engineer would be provided)
7. Above 500 : 60% (Resident Engineer would be provided)

(No quantity discount is offered on comprehensive maintenance.)

Network Maintenance Charges (Offered only with AMC)

  Number of Machines Price Structure  
 0-5 Rs.250 per machine per annum
 6-10 Rs.240 per machine per annum
 11-20 Rs.230 per machine per annum
 21-40* Rs.220 per machine per annum
 41-100* Rs.210 per machine per annum
 101-500* Rs.200 per machine per annum

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