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Site design, development and operations need to at least be efficient and functional, at minimum. A prospective client needs to perform his or her due diligence on a vendor before committing to a contract with regard to this aspect of e-commerce. This can be conducted by speaking with prior and existing clients and visiting their websites.

With regard to operations, does the system handle the volume without much stress? How often are down times? How fast is turnaround on down times due to glitches? How fast is the average transaction response time? How comprehensive is the system in handling exceptions?

As for design, is the database design congruent with forecasted volume levels? Is transaction design in line with the forecasted volume of transactions? Is the application design user-friendly?Is it server-friendly? Is it client-side friendly?
On to development, were milestones reached on-time and on-schedule? What is the quality of the code like? Is the code easily maintainable?

Beyond the basic requirement for efficiency and functionality, there is the issue of how optimally effective are the site design, development and operations. Maybe everything is functional and works fairly well, but what is the conversion ratio of the traffic? Or, specifically,what is the earnings per unique visit of traffic, and what is the impact that design and operations have on this statistic? It is a fact that design and operations has a direct bearing on earnings per unique visit of traffic. Operationally, a slow site results in less earnings per unique visit. Design-wise, a visually confusing site results in less earnings per unique visit. Negatives here are correctable.


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