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Interested in establishing your presence on the Web? We can help you with the entire process. Webpro India will consult with you to define the overall architecture, layout theme, content navigation, and import/creation of site content, be it computer data, text files of any file format, scanned images/text, even audio and video, if you wish.

After we have assisted you in defining your site requirements we will design and build your site, from a simple information-only site of just a few pages, to a healthy multimedia site consisting of dozens of pages with lots of graphics, photos, sound effects, music, animation, and movies if you desire.

Who? Anyone. Whether you're a new dad and want to show off your beautiful family, or a Real Estate Agent who wants to let people know how to find you or you're a CEO who decided your business has to enter the e-commerce realm, the "who" is the visionary.

What? A web site can be broken down into three (3) groups. Basic, moderate or extensive. The new father would want a basic site. The RE Agent would want a moderate site. The CEO... an extensive site.

Where? In order to have a site, you will need 'web space'. Free space is offered on the internet at such places as Geocities or Angelfire. Internet Service Providers in your area also provide not only dialup, but web space... for a fee. To find one that suits you, go to your favorite search engine and type in ISP and your geographical location. Do your homework because there are so many out there, the price can vary greatly.

When? From the time you decide to have a site to actual implementation, it could take anywhere from one week to 2 months depending on the "what".

How? E-mail me at to give me a general idea of what you need and the time it may take. First, though, try to have an idea of what you want and what you need in order for me to best serve YOU! On the Pricing page I've tried to narrow down some basic costs involved in purchasing a site. I also threw in some sample backgrounds. Once your request is received, I will email you with a quote. If you decide to use my services, I will require 50% downpayment. The site will then be designed and uploaded to my own server for you to review. When you are completely satisfied with the design, the site will be uploaded to your server. The balance is due at that time.

A basic site normally runs about 3-5 pages with text and a moderate amount of images. The coordinating graphics (background, buttons, etc) are built into the cost of the site. Normal turnaround for a basic site is one week. Design of HomePage Rs 1500. Design of each subsequent page Rs 450- one time fee (no more than 5 pages).

A moderate site can be 5 to 15 pages with text and images. This could be a church information web site or small online catalog for a business, etc. By itself, this could be anywhere from Rs 3900/- to RS 7900/-. This is for the site itself with the coordinating graphics and content. This does not include a shopping cart. Complex scripts are quoted separately.

An extensive site is a corporate site that requires more interactivity within the site. The cost can be anywhere from Rs 15000/- to Rs 25,000 depending on the size and complexity of the design. Database scripting are priced separately.

The more complex the web site, the longer it takes.

Other Services

I also do desktop publishing e.g. business cards, letterhead, greeting cards, calendars, etc.

So there ya have it! I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have and look forward to working with you to make your site all that it can be!!

Webpro Website functions with a creative team of professional in Delhi and are dedicated to providing affordable and reliable services. We will design a user-friendly website that e will to return to again and again.

Each company's individual requirements will dictate how simple or complex their website needs to be. Whether you require a simple but pleasant online brochure or a more complex application/database driven website, at Webpro, we will find the right set of solution for you.

In the entire web solution life cycle we make client as our active partner and discuss with client on regular basis on each stage of web development cycle. Our Web Designing team works with each client to create a complementary balance of information, images and dynamic multimedia to create a look that accurately reflects the goals set forth in the Internet Business Plan

A great website is not by accident. It takes considerable preparation and imaginative thinking. If you are looking forward to obtain an Internet Presence of your company that reflects your thoughts & meets your objectives, Webpro India is a place for you

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