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Much of the software needed for most e-commerce implementations are ready off-the-shelf, with some leeway for a minimal amount of customization.  Since Webpro India has gone through many prior implementations, it has already identified and made available many of the required software, thus enabling truly rapid deployment of e-commerce.

However, there are cases where completely custom software does need to be developed.  Webpro India has the resources to address most of these type of requirements with its own skill sets in software development, and if the specific skills sets are not readily available in its own staff, it can easily acquire what is needed and manage the software development.

In fact, the founders of Webpro India come from a corporate software development background complete with extensive expertise in the system development life cycle of robust, mission-critical applications with budgets in the tens of millions of US dollars.

Any server configuration can be established, whether Windows or a Unix variant.  Webpro India staff  specializes in variants of Unix, Perl/CGI, mySQL, FrontPage, HTML.  Readily available skills include PowerBuilder, Visual Basic, Java, Javascript, C++, C, DreamWeaver, ColdFusion, Flash, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle.


Research is very important in competitive analysis, from early in the project when conceptualizing the e-commerce plan, to later long after the system has been implemented in order to continually assess the competition vis-a-vis the business's capabilities.

You need to research your positions in the search engine wars to assess the effectiveness of your SEO.  Competitors come and go, and a few stay; you need to know your competitors.  What are their specialties, their proclivities, their competitiveness?  Are they so big and effective that they may swallow you?  Do they play unfairly in the search engine wars or in any other venue in the marketplace?  Are they perhaps doing something unethical or illegal?

We mention the term "intelligence" here because it connotes a more creative level of research other than collecting publicly available information.  Industrial espionage is practiced in the real world, and it is evident in greater numbers on the Internet.  Are you allied with a vendor that is familiar with those tactics and successful in combating such from malicious perpetrators?  Are you just suspicious and you need a helping hand in recognizing this facet of the Internet?
Sadly, this is one area where too many vendors are lacking.

The Search Engine Optimization department of WebproIndia, is run by a team of SEO professionals. The SEO team has fixed a role more

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