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Link Popularity is one of the most important ranking criteria used by major search engines in determining the importance of a particular website. Link popularity means the number of external links that link to your website. The more external links that link to your website the more popular it is perceived to be and thus the higher it will rank. Link Popularity constitutes between 40-50 % of Googles ranking algorithm.

SEO India has vast experience in the field of Link Building and we have developed specialised methods to enhance your relevant link popularity in order to comply with the ranking algorithms of the major search engines.

SEO India provides Link Building as a separate package. Thus Search engine optimization companies can also outsource only the Link popularity part of the SEO process to us.

We are currently in partnership with SEO firms in the US, UK and Australia that outsource a bulk of their link popularity projects to us. We currently handle between 2500-3000 links a month. Thus we have built up a huge database of highly relevant links for various categories.

Using our services thus helps you to acquire a significant number of high quality relevant links quickly which in turn will help your ranking soar.
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Link Building Methodology:
1. Quality links. We procure inbound links to your web site from trusted high quality web sites.
2. Targeted audience: We only procure links from web sites, which are only related to your web site subject / topic. Search engine algorithms give more emphasis (higher rankings) to inbound links from web sites / Web Pages which are on related topics.
3. We generate ‘anchor text', keywords & phrases after an extensive detailed ‘Keyword Analysis', thereby giving you higher ranks on search engines.
4. We employ a related topics directory & thereby, do not have more than 100 links on a single page.
5. We therefore maintain quality inbound & outbound links. This gives a win-win situation for all our link partners.
6. We do NOT use any SPAM techniques.
7. We do not submitted your web site to FFA links & sites from ‘Bad Neighborhoods'.
8. We take care & precautions NOT to violate any guidelines from search engines.

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