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The first and foremost thing that is important to achieve through banner designing is its ability to generate ACTION. When a visitor sees your banner on a site then it may be compelled to click on to it. This can be achieved through effective use of animation, good, compelling copy, and its graphic design. While using animation, however, one must be careful not to over-do it. Banners with too much animation can become distracting. An endlessly looping animation can be quite annoying and its best to have it settle down after 4-5 loops. Make sure your message is displayed on the last frame. It must also be ensured that banners are quick to download.

To make an effective your banner design can make the difference between an unsuccessful and successful banner ad campaign.To find the most effective banner design for your business, you must go through a period of testing. Testing means that you run a banner over a period of time and measure the results (i.e. CTRs and resulting sales). Then you change one thing about the banner design, such as a color or a font change, and run that banner over a period of time and measure the results.

A banner ad is like a print ad in a magazine or newsletter. But the main difference is that a visitor can click on your banner ad and be taken directly to your web site or special offer.

As a way to direct quality traffic to your web site, which might ultimately derive in sales, we believe that banners need to be attractive, and give a reason to be clicked on.

There are basically two types of banners according to the technology they are built on: GIF or Flash. Banners usually depend on external site requirements. The banner designs that result in the most sales should be the types of banners you use for your banner campaigns

The feature includes the following :
  • Its not just annoying for visitors to see something take ages to download but it can actually fail to achieve any results for you if the visitor is able to find relevant information and leave the page before your banner has even begun to show up on her screen.

  • The banners should be in optimum number of colors that make your ads looking pleasant.

  • Make sure your messages are carefully worded. Don't make your ads verbose.

  • Short, crisp messages can achieve high CTRs for you. Try and address concerns, offer benefits.

  • Boost the traffic to your site!
    The Traffic Booster is an ideal package to quickly increase your advertising exposure with banner and newsletter advertising.

  • Design and promotion – all in a great value package.
    We design a banner for you, include it in the rotation on the popular ecommerce-web- site, and create a matching text ad to be displayed in our search engine marketing newsletter. Your site is bound to get noticed!

  • Be seen in one of the most popular search engine marketing web sites and newsletters.
    Webpro India is one of the pioneers of search engine marketing and has been providing submission and optimization services since 2001. The ecommerce-web- web site is one of the most popular destinations in the industry, attracting up to 6,000 unique visitors a day. With hundreds of new subscribers each week.

  • Get noticed by a great target market.
    In online advertising, it is critical to get the right Internet surfers to see your message. The people who visit ecommerce-web- are Web-savvy professionals who are used to shopping online. If the product or service you are advertising strikes a chord with them, you can be sure to gain a highly qualified prospective customer!

The Search Engine Optimization department of WebproIndia, is run by a team of SEO professionals. The SEO team has fixed a role more

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