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The basic principles of traditional marketing still apply; and knowledge and experience in marketing is definitely important.  However, the medium and tactics have changed with regard to e-commerce, and only a vendor with extensive, successful experience in e-commerce can be effective in helping you successfully market on the web.

A huge aspect of web marketing is the extreme importance of search engine placement optimization, sometimes called "search engine optimization" which is abbreviated to SEO.  In traditional marketing, it is akin to yellow page advertisement, but in the Internet, it has considerably more significance by a factor that is tenfold.  At minimum.

To summarize very succinctly the importance of effective SEO, please consider this anecdotal scenario based on fact:  A small company in a given industry may make a profit of $5,000 per month from its website; that same company with proper SEO can be earning between $50,000 to $100,000 per month with the exact same website.  (No promises or guarantees or representations here; the scenario stated is true and stated as an illustration of the importance of SEO).

And the level of sophistication in effective SEO is considerable.  Any vendor can perform some degree of SEO, and any vendor can make a claim of successful SEO.  However, to the benefit of the prospective client, the effectiveness of SEO is brutally verifiable.  Even a cursory study of SEO results will bear the brutal fact of the extreme competitiveness of SEO.  The 80-20 rule (80% of the best results being performed by 20% of the competitors) would be a vast understatement of the extremely competitive nature of SEO; the balance is at minimum 90-10, with 90% of the best results being performed by the top 10% of the competition.

SEO effectiveness is easily and quickly verifiable.  Have the vendor provide keywords that they claim to have success with.  These are the steps you take next:

  • Ascertain the popularity/competitiveness of these keywords at: Overture Suggestions
  • Create a matrix indexing search engine placement positions for each keyword, starting with the most popular/competitive ones in descending order in one dimension, and each of the major search engine/directories on the other dimension: Yahoo, Google, Alta Vista, Hot Bot, Excite, MSN, AOL, Lycos.
  • Are there a lot of #1 to #3 positions for the highly competitive keywords?  For example, this would be impressive:  #3 in Yahoo and Google for keyword "real estate".  This would not be significant:  #1 position for keyword: "tuscaloosa real estate of brick homes".

This is one area where you can make allowances for a vendor who hasn't been in existence for too many years.  The SEO results speak volumes of the effectiveness of the vendor and is easily verifiable.
SEO is first and foremost in the tool kit of web marketing and typically will generate over 75% of the traffic for a website.  Other tools exist in the form of opt-in e-mail campaign, banner exchanges, reciprocal links, snail mail campaigns, forum postings, traditional mediums and others.

Our marketing services combine very powerful, cutting-edge research and aggressive online and offline optimization techniques with performance-based, positive conversion rates and corporate usability features. This forms a second to none on or offline marketing strategy designed to achieve maximum search engine and consumer visibility with propelling you past your competition in exposure and sales all over the world.

  • Professional Internet marketing Abbotsford
  • Highest sales conversions
  • Maximum return on your marketing investment.

Whether you're seeking higher search engine rankings and online conversions, or improved consumer conversions and ROI, will provide you with on or offline result-driven marketing solutions that will increase your profits and bring the maximum return on your investment for your marketing campaign.

Our Internet Marketing Services Include:

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Front page search engine listings for any keywords of your choice
  • Article Writing/Web Distribution - Increase your website sales and rankings!
  • Manual Website Directory Submissions
  • Search Engine Submission (over 300 Engines)
  • Social Website Marketing - Facebook, Twitter, My Space company profiles viewed by thousands each day.
  • Direct Email Marketing - Local and National Email Consumer Distribution
  • Organic search engine optimization including research, implementation and maintenance.
  • Developing and managing pay per click programs.
  • Implementing advanced web analytics testing.
  • Blog setup and optimization.
  • Creating and distributing social media press releases.
  • Email marketing campaigns.

Our Marketing Abbotsford Services Include: (Packages are available)

  • Local/National Radio Production and Distribution
  • Local/National Televison Commercial Production and Distribution
  • Local Bus Bench Design and Distribution
  • Local Billboard Design and Distribution
  • Local/National Direct Mail Distribution
  • Local Direct Flyer/Brochure Design and Distribution
  • 1/4 page Abbotsford News classified newspaper add for 30 days
  • Personally addressed company mail flyer distribution (not junk mail)
  • Press release written and distributed to Local television stations
  • Press release written and distributed to local, major radio stations
  • Appointment only, door to door sales promotions.
  • Stationary Design - letter heads, business cards, post cards, t-shirts, bumper stickers

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Search Engine Optimization Services Delhi India.
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